Compensation for Disabled Veterans

If you are a disabled veteran who has been denied compensation by the VA, the Disability Rights Law Group can help you. We can help you to appeal a denial of service connection or rating

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Legal Rights of Disabled Employees

Have you been denied employment or fired because of your disability? Has your employer refused to provide you with a reasonable accommodation that you need in order to do your job? If you have questions about your rights and responsibilities as an employee with a disability, contact us.

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Social Security Benefits for Disabled Workers

If you have been denied Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the Disability Rights Law Group can help you to appeal this decision and get your benefits. If you receive a denial letter from Social Security, call us right away because the law limits the time in which you can file a Social Security appeal.

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Access to Public and Private Services

The Disability Rights Law Group understands how important access to facilities and programs in your community can be. You can contact us if you are a person with a disability who has been denied access in your community. Call us if:

Your doctor or medical care facility has denied you a qualified sign language interpreter
Your college or university is refusing reasonable accommodations that you need to succeed at school

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VA Medical Center Malpractice

Have you become disabled as the result of medical malpractice at a VA Medical Center?

Attorneys Steve Pennington and Jamie Ray-Leonetti can pursue a claim under the Federal Employees Liability Act or Section 1151 of the VA law.

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He prides himself on thorough and proactive representation. Simply put, Attorneys Pennington is a dedicated, committed lawyer working everyday to stand up for your rights.

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